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Incredible power lies in your hands...
Try a unique form of divination people have trusted for centuries! Channeling the three underlying principles of the I Ching - simplicity, variability, and persistency - this innovative reading will key you into your present situation, the evolution or change it will undergo, and the final outcome!
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Price (CAD):  $6.95 USD Price?
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What people are saying:
This was really different - in a good way! - from stuff I've seen on other sites. This reading really helped me gain perspective. Thanks a lot!
Jeremy W. (Kansas City, Missouri)
One of my favorite things about Astrocenter is that you always have creative new ways for us to get insight and advice. The I Ching was a definite hit!
Mary D. (Lincoln, Nebraska)
1. Focus on the specific situation you want your I-Ching Divination to address.
2. When the moment feels right, click on the Toss The Coins button. Do this six times.
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